Bar N

予算2000円~3000円 毎週、土・日は、通常価格1200の グラスシャンパンが800円で特別提供です!!

Phone Number: 03-6457-8937
FAX Number: 03-6457-8937
Business Hours: Tuesday. to Saturday.  16:00~25:00
        Sunday    18:00~23:00
Day Off: Monday



This is a compact but cool bar as a great place to enjoy a special,amazing hours with your closed ones. Lovely wooden decor, window seats that you can enjoy the fantastic Shinjuku night view, you can totally isolate yourself from the unresting outside world for a while and feel the unique atmosphere . Master of this bar has a long working exercise in a famous bar in shinjuku before He knows well about how to deal with each customers and knows a lot about all sorts of beverages .l..This bar has a wide range of collections .Visit anytime you like with your friends and have a fantastic time or come along with someone you love ,enjoy the romantic window views together .

             ※500Yen of extra service fee will be required