Sutameshi DonDon Shinjuku Central East Exit Shop

B1: 14席 カウンター(禁煙) B2: カウンター14席 テーブル6席

Phone Number: 03-3356-4500
Business Hours: 24 Hours
Day Off: Open throughout the year
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Sutameshi, the name of the shop means Stamina Rice. Topped with sliced pork with different flavors, special bowl rice of this place is extremely nutritious, helps you to maintain your daily health.
whenever you are feeling exhausted of all day in downtown are, whenever wearied out having a fun out with friends, or when you had rough day at work, please come over to Don Don, charge up your power.
Low price, extra amount, excellent flavor, this place shall become your real power station.
You can order the food you would like to have just simply by searching for the picture of meal and pressing the button of automatic ticket Machine. Huge variety of toppings and side dishes will also take you with surprise.