Sapporo Ramen KITA-NO-DAICHI

Phone Number: 03-3357-0056
Business Hours: 11:00-16:00 17:00~23:00
Sunday Closed at 22:00
Day Off: 1st & 3rd Wednesday
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Everything of Hokkaido is alive by doing happily and the fight against severe nature by the season. The earth and the sea where the change in natural environment is large give us a lot of delicious ingredients that overcome the environment and grow up.

《Sapporo Ramen・ISHIKARI》 was a shop that had been established in Ginza in Tokyo in 1970. The shop name is changed into 『Sapporo Ramen KITA-NO-DAICHI』 now, and this shop is done business in Shinjuku where a famous ramen shop is concentrated. It is a very popular shop. The ramen of this shop is made from the ingredient of the deep taste sent directly from magnificent Hokkaido every day. Therefore, it is very delicious. This ramen receives high acclaim from gourmet of the noodle dish.

This shop might be 'Dangerous shop' that might be deep into the best noodle that made by the noodle workman who knows a Japanese taste and the material!