ROBATA Emotion KAKKO Shinjuku East Exit Shop

大切なものを「 」で括るように、あなたを「かっこ」で括っておもてなし!

Phone Number: 03-5368-6133
FAX Number: 03-5368-6133
Business Hours: Weekday   17:00-1:00
Holiday Eve/Fri./Sat.:  17:00~3:00
Day Off: Never
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It settles down the mind because the interior of this tavern is atmosphere like the house in the country. Any customer can correspond because there are a counter seat where it can comfortably sit, a seat for the mistress and two people, a private room for several, and a hall that can be used by the landlord up to 48 people in the inside of a store, too. The menu that uses only the ingredient that arrived on that day is a spirit of this shop. 'TSUKUNE of the plate scorch' and 'SATSUMAAGE of the person making' are original dishes of the boast of the length of the dish. Distilled spirit such as 'SEIKOU UDOKU' and 'CHOHUN' can be offered only to an early customer at time every day because of scarce goods. All of the enjoyment that drinks pleasantness and sake delicious dish that is pleased and talked about as and the friend are stored in this shop.