Aquarium Dining Shinjuku LIME

Phone Number: 03-5919-2248
Business Hours: Mon~Sun 5:00pm~5:00am
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  As you walk through its entrance hall illuminated with blue lights, you will discover several gorgeous aquarium tanks display beautiful and rare tropic fishes which immediately offer you peace and relaxations. The concept of this restaurant is to provide its customers with the most ultimate relaxing environment while they enjoy the tasty exotic meals. Sitting at this restaurant, when you look at those gracefully swimming beautiful fishes in the aquarium, you will feel as if you are diving deeper and deeper into the ocean but instead of feeling like you can't breathe, you will feel liberated and free. You can enjoy a peaceful evening with someone special in front of the aquarium or relax with your close friends in a private room or in a semi-private room here. This place offers private rooms for 2 persons to private rooms for a larger number of visitors of more than ten persons. If you are here to through a bigger party for more than 200 people, they can also arrange a comfortable space for you to have a fantastic party. Aquarium Dining in Shinjuku gives you a truly relaxing setting. Come and visit, and have the most peaceful and relaxing moment that you won’t be able to find any other places in this sleepless Shinjuku area.