disk union Shinjuku Headquarters

BF~7F 丸ごとCDレコードショップ

Phone Number: 03-6380-6118
Business Hours: 11:00~21:00
Day Off: Never
Home Page: https://diskunion.net/shop/ct/unionrecord_shinjuku


CD, Record, DVD on sale

Not to mention the domestic CDs in the Chart, maniac imported CDs only our shop has treated, get an enthusiastic support of music fans still now over 20 years from opening. We have enriched the shop further composing a special floor of each genre in BF to 7F since the renewal in February Heisei 9. It's also nice to savor feeling of free market in an out-of-door bargain suddenly held on fine Saturdays. We purchase CDs and records out of use by cash, so “ go to Union when your purse grows lonely” is already a common sense in music fans. They say persistently there are many finds in secondhand disks supplied every day.

Since opening in 1973, we have been supported by music fans who do not become quite satisfied with usual shops of CD and record. We also treat valuable abolished analog disks of LP record, and set up a special floor in each genre. If you want to listen to music deeper than others, and you look for some CD or record, please once visit our shop by all means.

Now 13 shops in the neighborhood of Shinjuku Central Street/ 18 floors on business open throughout the year(the present on April 2004)