Mahjong Metro Central Exit Shop


Phone Number: 03-3354-1455
FAX Number: 03-3354-1424
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It has passed over 30years from opening the shop. Since then, many customers have been still using us so long. Hereafter, we will aim to make the space where you can have a joyful time at ease. Our motto is “ low fee is kind to your purse”, so you can feel free to use us, and there is a student rate system for students to enjoy more reasonable. All of working staffs present you popular, homely, and warm service. We are waiting for your visit in the large space distinguished in Tokyo even young people and women fellows can play relaxed.

'Good old vending machine' of the picture is still active. Our shop is good old for the adults, and good new for the youth.

Only the set is in trade. Have a happy time with friends together!