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Do you know the sickness called 'sleep apnea syndrome'?

It is the one that stertorous respiration the drowsiness in daytime and going to bed and a temporary respiratory arrest, etc. are consulted about as a principal symptom by the patient. In this case, because the deterioration of the quality of the oxygen deprivation and sleep while sleeping etc. have occurred, the adverse effect is caused to daily life.

In a recent research, as for this 'sleep apnea syndrome', the relations such as lifestyle related disease and Metabolic Syndrome are paid to attention. It might not only impair person in question's health for these but also develops into the accident that rolls surroundings such as the traffic accidents and industrial injuries, and is serious.

Then, we established a special clinic of 'sleep apnea syndrome' in Shinjuku-sanchome where public transport was good.

It treats by the treatment of "outpatient service" of the reservation system and "Hospitalization inspection", and feel free to contact me, please. Various health insurances are treated.

This clinic applies the complete reservation system. Please reserve by the following numbers.

TEL: 03-3354-1143 FAX: 03-3354-1333