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Phone Number: 03-3356-3888
FAX Number: 03-5367-1651
Business Hours: Mon to Fri 9:00~18:00
Saturday 9:00~13:00
Day Off: Sun & Holidays
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Consultation Department

Internal medicine: General internal medicine, circulatory organs, digestive organs, neurotic internal medicine, mental health, gynecology(the menopause), plastic surgery, dermatology

Checkup, dock: consult us.
We are also thoughtful to take medical care of women.

Consultation Hours
From Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-13:00

Closed On Sunday and holidays

The Idea of Sone Clinic

We Sone Clinic help your better life under the motto of living together, thinking together, and developing together. We Sone Clinic take medical treatment to realize vivid life. So we begin to review your whole life by a closer dialogue.

Sone Clinic aims a synthetic medical counseling including not only physical aspect but also social and ethical aspects.

Sone Clinic also consider a correspondence by woman staff to take care of ladies.