Phone Number: 03-5156-8887 株式会社 リオ

On each floor, there is a huge glass window wall making the place mare spacious and bright, delightful. Modern, contemporary style of building gives you a chance to enjoy a high class standard. It is conveniently located at a corner, so you can say this is the best spot to open a shop or run a business. Building has perfect security system against crime and fire.
Furthermore, there are contracted special workers  in charge of garbage disposal etc, keeping the building clean and spotless.
To get on the elevator right from the street is another advantage of this place to attract more customers.

Business Manager 「RIO Co. Ltd.」 TEL 03-5156-8887



8F まつや
7F nail salon abbie
6F Kind
5F 厨房 阿杏
3~4F 新宿シティ眼科
2F オグラ眼鏡店
1F プラザアイコンタクト / オグラ眼鏡店