Atelier EMU


Phone Number: 03-3356-6680
Business Hours: 11:00~21:00
Day Off: Sunday
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Painting Class

"Atelier EMU" starts afresh to the vicinity of the third floor "Gallery Eyume" of the Shinjuku Moliere building. Intellectual lecturers will receive people from the beginner to the experienced person by polite guidance and advice. Please do not have the tension, and come comfortably. It is also possible to keep the tool to draw the picture. A lecture can be attended readily even at time in the return of the school and work or Shinjuku shopping. It is glad to touch a wonderful art work in gallery (Art Gallery) that is to be near. There is happy events such as "the exhibition" and "the sketch association" as a project about original ATERIER, too. It is possible to visit freely, and come comfortably, please.

Content of course
 ◎ Oil painting/Watercolor/Acryic colors/pastel/pen draw/rough drawing
 ◎ Picture Letter
 ◎ Picture Post card(Transparent watercolor/Gel pen)
 ◎ Rough drat(Nude drawing/Clothes picture)

Appeal for atelier EMU
◎ Each one can use painting materials of the favor, by the theme of the favor .
◎ It is possible to commute without tools and materials for attending a lecture.
◎ It takes two minutes from JR Shinjuku Station. It takes one minute from "Marunouchi Line" Shinjuku 3-Chome station. It is a convenient place.
◎ It is also possible to do the union project with Art Gallery.
◎ Attending a lecture can begin when it is favorite.