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    Hi ! Cute and very nice looking! Also, clever and good nature! In Shinjuku, I hear I’m such a girl, Haruchan!
    ‘Shinjuku Central Street’ town franchises me.
    It is a shopping street, straightened about 280meter eastward from the east central gate of Shinjuku Station, and about 110 unique shops have this joyful town’s membership.
    Such big names as ‘BICQLO’, ‘LUMINE EST’, ‘○I○I’, ‘ISETAN’ are the members, and a micro small shop that has only 8 guests’ seats is also the member! It’s a happy funny shopping street of variety like a kaleidoscope!
    Though a name of Shinjuku may remind you of strong impression that is interesting but dangerous, the east gate district has a big characteristic that couples and families, men’s groups and young adults, can have a relaxing time.
    Recently, lots of foreigners come to the town, and even they don’t speak Japanese, or they don’t understand Japanese customs, people in the town are so kind to them that they can enjoy the town with smile. Ain’t I, Haruchan, glad to feel, my town has become international?
    So, there are also ultra minor characters for my errand in the town, and that makes us live pretty merrily!
    Anyway, however much I explain, I can’t explain enough to speak, so why don’t you once come and see me? You can entrust the shops appeared on the homepage, with the both aspects of price and service, so why don’t you check it first when you come to Shinjuku?
    The 365 days, everyday is like a festival in Shinjuku, Yo-heave-ho! Yo-heave-ho! So, the day when you feel like coming is the day of Shinjuku! I’m waiting for you~~~~~~!!

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 ジクサーで~す \(^o^)/
 厳しい自然の中に身を置いて体を鍛え! 大勢の人が集まる街で、お掃除のボランティア活動をして精神力も鍛えました! 山奥の小さな村で、お年寄りの皆さんの毎日の生活のお手伝いをさせてもって、根性も入れ替えました!


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☆April 1,2017☆

The keyword is replaced by 「Jikuser」.

☆ Feb 17, 2016☆
TOP page MOBILE version released!

May 31, 2015 ☆
Top_Page 「Haruchan」 「Jikuser」 in the comments change !

May 14, 2016 ☆
Jikuser Blog「Jikuser and Camel a nice trip story-part3-final」Renewal!

☆ Jun 6, 2014☆
「Half Ticket Service」 Poster of Wald9 Cinema has renewed.

☆Jul 21, 2012☆
Smartphone English Site has opened!
Oct 1 2019☆
Images of Shops are updated on YouTube!
皆元気になってもらいたいねIt's Jikuser!  Welcome!!!


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